Important Tips for Amazon App Store Optimization Process

Important Tips for Amazon App Store Optimization Process

Why the Amazon app store optimization is important? How does it help to yield a positive outcome for sellers? What are the correct methods for optimization? Different kinds of questions are bound to appear in mind if you want your business in a good position at all times. Thus read this blog post to have complete guidelines for this purpose.

Overview on Amazon app store optimization

Amazon app store is available at Amazon fire devices. It resembles the Google play store but holds basic differences. You may install the app store on any device which is the best thing about it. A survey revealed about redesigning process of the Amazon app store. Many sellers don’t have ideas regarding stipulated procedures.  Thus, we have published this blog post to impart the relevant guidelines for optimization.

Add the app description: It one of the most important elements. App description howbeit must hold the relevant keyword as well. Such activity allows your app to appear with its unique features in the online marketplace. This is good for Amazon app store optimization process.

Prefer to create great visuals: You must know about visual assets that are almost similar to other mobile app stores.  It has been kept under the optional section. Some visual features have been created to state the core attributes of Amazon app stores. On the other hand, it is well-known that visuals leave a deep impact and hence plays an important role in maintaining the business practice on Amazon.

How screenshots feature of Amazon app is important?

The presentation of something through multiple spheres is always admirable. The same applies to the Amazon app. You may get 10 screenshots that are available for an appropriate explanation of it. Another thing is that you may systematically keep screenshots.

The advantages of promotional images: The submission of promotional images is easy if you are using the Amazon app store. But never go for uploading images more than a specific limitation.

Since Amazon realizes the significance of video and other promotional app. Thus you may opt to upload up to five videos. It helps deeply to describe the app. But do consider the appearance of videos to make it more appealing.

The methods to submit the Amazon app for featured marketing placement?

Amazon empowers sellers to share the app with its marketing team. You may initiate this purpose by filling the request form available.

The relevant tactics by which your app gets featured:

The new releases and seasonal placement are the most important method to promote your app.

Amazon App store optimization properties?

You get the platform for optimization in different languages: since various helping platform is available to provide you with the App store optimization service facility. Most of the maximum offer the English language the most.

It offers a chance to optimize the platform in multiple languages: Having an option to optimize the App store through different languages is the best thing. Since others are available for English mostly.

Implementation of the latest algorithm: internet marketing is completely based on the latest algorithms. So it is important to take care of these aspects.

The significance of ads: The selection of the right strategy to optimize the app stores helps to increase the searches.

It provides a platform to get connected to the unnoticed target base: Most often marketers keep all requirements on their fingertips. However, it is an essential activity to know about the latest trends in the market. Apart from this, they provide tailor-made store optimization.

Techniques to prevent Amazon account problems:

Amazon has applied its policies. The company prefers a transparent business practice with customers. All rules and regulations have been created for the welfare of both the sellers and customers. But sellers need to abide by the rules at all costs. A bit of negligence may throw them into problems finally leading to the Amazon seller account suspension.

Amazon app store optimization helps to maintain all things systematically. Therefore it is crucial to stay cautious when trying to go with running a business.

These are some methods through which you may optimize your Amazon app store. To have a hassle-free experience, you will need to follow all these tips carefully. Since mistakes may lead to difficulties at the mid-stage of the process.  You may immediately call our Amazon law experts at a given toll-free number (+1-844-444-4171) anytime to resolve the difficulties.

Amazon Store Optimization: An Approach to Improve Ranking

Amazon store optimization significantly performs in ranking the site at the top of the search engine. The online market is not an exception in terms of getting affected by competition. Thus it is important to conduct the practice of search engine optimization. The first thing is that when it comes to rank a specific site then you will require executing the optimization task.

Most often Amazon sellers don’t have an appropriate idea for how to conduct the Amazon store optimization procedure. Therefore you may opt to go through this web page to collect relevant ideas for optimization. There are enormous points which are important for the site ranking. Maintaining something online is the subject of attentiveness to the maximum. Thus we have stated the efficient techniques to complete the optimization process of the Amazon store.

SEO that stands for search engine optimization plays vitally to increase the visibility of the site. The procedure includes some of certain factors. You would be a subject to follow those carefully to have a positive result. Amazon moves according to its algorithm which is known as A9. Usually, this online marketplace has two components, the one is consumer interaction and the second one is product information to optimize the products following the Amazon algorithm.

Techniques to optimize the Amazon store:

After starting the Internet marketing, you must know the Amazon store optimization tools. On the other hand, the keyword is treated as an important tool. It is not special for Amazon but applies to all search engines.

Relevant factors for store optimization on Amazon are:

The product title is an important aspect: This specific factor is the most basic thing to continue with activities. It is important to maintain titles in an organized way.

Search terms and index is another thing: When you opt to highlight the search term then it is mandatory to conduct the optimization process under any circumstances. On the other hand, you should make use of the same words that may appear in the title. Since a selling product is crucial to raise the search list.

The browsing nodes: this is treated as the product code which is used to identify the products available in the separate categories. Generally, Amazon sellers have the authority to select two codes for every product.

The product description another part: It is also one of the most important tools for optimizing the online marketplace store. Since customers are in habit of searching the same product so being an Amazon seller, you should be aware of separating it at all costs.

The last is product image: Image of a product enables a customer to realize the whole specification of a product. The clear picture helps in convincing them to shop.  All people want to be sure about the product quality before investing their money.


The online marketplace is such a platform that demands attention bat proper level. And Amazon is not different in any way. To have effective guidelines for optimization of the store, you may immediately call our Amazon law experts at a given toll-free number (+1-844-444-4171) anytime.

Amazon App Store Optimization Services

                            Amazon App Store Optimization Services

Are you looking to have a complete idea for Amazon app optimization? Do you want to get help from an authentic platform so that you may wash your all possible confusions? If you say yes then rather than getting overly worried, you have to only continue reading this blog. We have elaborately described app optimization.

What is the Amazon app store optimization?

Amazon app store is the store that may easily be found on Amazon fire devices. It is somewhat similar to the Google play store. The major difference that you may find is that the Amazon app store is not dependent upon Google’s framework. It means there is no need to install it. Another thing is that it is not confined up to fire devices. The app store’s installation can be done on any devices.

Recently, it has undergone a redesigning process for better service. In the later section of this blog post, we will talk about Amazon app store optimization procedures.

The first step is the app description: The description of the app matters a   lot.  But one thing is important and that is the keyword. It is only a way to let customers meet with their searching products. This will act as a special feature of your app in the internet world. It means you would be able to get the most efficient application description.

Another attribute is having great visuals: Similar to other mobile app stores, there are some visuals assets which have been kept as optional. Howbeit if you would like to optimize the page, you may consider this entire one. There are some visuals to enable customers to know about the Amazon app features. Thus to focus on visuals is necessary to keep the marketing activities in flow.

 What do you know about the screenshots feature of Amazon app?

The best part is that you can obtain 10 screenshots that offer you an opportunity to display various spheres of the app. You may keep all those in an organized way.

The promotional images: Being an Amazon app store users, you may easily submit a promotional image. Further Amazon marketing team uses is in case they observe that the app is getting featured. But never overload your image with text; rather you can embellish it with a special character.

What another attribute is that Amazon understands the importance of video and promotional app through which you can have up to five videos. These are considered the best way to provide an explanatory figure about the app. You may check it before downloading it.  Its appearance is too clear.

How to submit Amazon app for featured marketing placement?

The allowance to submit the app to Amazon’s marketing team is another good facet. It can be done by going through the marketing request form and filling it attentively on the Amazon mobile app distribution portal.

The possible methods by which your app can be featured are as below:

The first one is new releases and the second one is seasonally placement. These both are a significant way to promote your app.

What do you get by App store optimization?

You get the platform for optimization in different languages: since various helping platform is available to provide you with the App store optimization service facility. Most of the maximum offer the English language the most.

Preference of the latest algorithm: Since the use of the trendy SEO tactics are important to maintain all things in a proper way.

The Power of ads: when you choose to optimize the app with the perfect optimization tactics then it helps in increasing the searches to the most.  Since staying with all included facilities is said to be an important aspect.

It lets to have an opportunity for the connection to the unnoticed target base: usually, the team marketers keep checking that what is lying in a trendy form among the customers.  Therefore they usually offer the tailor-made app store optimization at all times.

Tactics to prevent Amazon account issues:

Going in accordance with Amazon policies are quite important aspects. This is so because being a seller if you even mistakenly break the rules, you would be accountable to face seller account suspension issues. There might be another problem as well with your Amazon app store. Thus, whatever happens, you have to be very careful in term of executing all policies at all costs.

Amazon app store optimization is an important task to manage everything is an organized way. The relevant tactics only work proficiently to keep pace with the trending market.


If you have more queries then without any hesitation, contact us at our toll-free number (+1-844-444-4171). We have deployed our Amazon law experts to provide you instant answers at anytime. You may carry the procedure of Amazon store optimization in a proper way. We work 24/7 hours, so you may call us according to your requirement of support service.  

Amazon Reinstatement Services in Canada: Get Suspended Seller Account Back Quickly

At the time starting a business on Amazon seller account, one thing definitely comes to the mind that how to expand it without getting interrupted by unexpected issues. As to maintain everything in a systematic way is a big question. But for the answer, continue reading this blog post.

Amazon seller account suspension has become the most issues. Since the use of the online marketplace among common buyers is considered the best way to shop at a large scale without moving in the market and colliding with a huge rush. Thus the preference ratio has gone tremendously high in current time.

Therefore after proper survey, we came to know about the frequented issues with Amazon account.  The only remedy to overcome unwanted problems is to choose the Amazon reinstatement services in Canada. Our support service is available in various corner of the world. Our main objective behind publishing this webpage is to make Amazon sellers aware of an authentic solution platform.

In the later section of this blog, we will discuss the relevant technique to prepare Amazon appeal letter and apply the correct tips of the plan of action. But one thing, a seller always need to remember is that they must initiate with analyzing the flaws.  What actually led to the suspension of the Amazon seller account should be their priority at all costs. So we will let you know about quite an organized way to go ahead with your plan of action.

We have been offering the Amazon reinstatement services in Canada for a longer time and finally by the dint of our hard work we have earned our own space across the various parts of the world.

Methods to write a plan of Action to get the Amazon account back:

•To begin with, the process, collect reviews for the cause for suspension that has been shown by Amazon:

•Thereafter look for the business strategy and try to access literal reason for the issue. Further, you have to be responsive to the Amazon and ensure that you have a good sense of understanding for its applied law.

•Further, choose to make out that what you should select to recover the suspended seller account.

• Later to these, you have to check whether you have provided the service of refund or not.

•You may also opt for another way to send an apology letter and make the customer happy. It is well known to all that service with humbleness is one of the most important factors to keeps business going at all times.

Now you have to try to ensure Amazon about the selection of effective and organized techniques

This means that you will be now accountable to offer explanatory statement relating to the change of your business system and hence any complaints in the future won’t arise again. In addition to these, write Plan of Action in a definite way and also be alert of filling all spaces provided in the appeal form.

•    Later to these, read the points thoroughly that you have written.

• It is good to remember that Plan of Action is the most legitimate way of a request to reinstate suspended Amazon account.

• Another important aspect is to write your appeal which might be appropriate to the audience:

• As it is considered as the significant part of the entire process, so do care of all possible aspects while executing the steps to appeal for Amazon account reinstatement service in Canada.

Howbeit the positive consequences depend upon the fair techniques being applied by you right from the beginning.

• In the last step, we will say that to have the legitimate result of your Plan of Action, write your points in brief and using the bullet points.

•After that state your plan in bullet points, it lets readers understand the concern so quickly and easily. That’s why it said that always prepare appeal letter in a simple way as much as possible.

Amazon seller must have an idea about the right approach of initiation for support service. Usually, when complaints come to us, we first prefer to initiate to detect the reason that led to unexpected seller suspension.


Now coming to the final conclusion after analysis, we realized ourselves that most of the seller lacks the accurate knowledge regarding the management of Amazon seller account. In spite of taking care of all factors, even then the suspension of account appears in front of them. In case if the problem persists for a longer time, then sellers might be the victim of huge financial loss. Running a business on this platform is a matter of great care. So, we simply suggest Amazon sellers call us at our mentioned toll-free number +1-(844)-444-4171 anytime. Our Amazon law experts are highly qualified and all of them know the tactful methods to manage all complaints in an organized way.